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Furnace / Heat Pump / Gas Pack $75

Maintenance with Care and Professionalism


What’s included:

* Clean and check the burner box area

* Clean and check the flame sensor

* Clean and check the main burners

* Check Thermostat operation

* Check the Air Filter

* Check for duct leakage around the furnace

* Check the blower wheel condition

* Check the blower motor capacitor

* Check the blower motor electrical amp draw

* Check the exhaust motor for proper operation

* Check the exhaust system for obstructions

* Check the furnace igniter

* Check for gas leaks around the fuel regulator

* Check the manifold gas pressures

* Check the furnace control board operation

* Check the operation of the gas valve

* Check the high limit safety switch operation

* Check the flame safety switches

* Check the furnace operating temperature rise

* Check the furnace Carbon Monoxide Levels

* Advise of any needed repairs with a written estimate