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AC Tune Up Special $75

Maintenance with care and professionalism

What’s Included: 

* Chemically clean the outdoor unit condenser coil

* Clean the electrical compartment

* Check the refrigerant levels of the system

* Check the efficiency level of the system

* Check the thermostat operation

* Check the air filters

* Check for air leakage around the evaporator coil

* Check the blower wheel condition

* Check the blower motor

* Check the blower capacitor

* Check and flush the condensate drain line

* Check the temperature drop at the evaporator coil

* Check the condition of the condenser coil fins

* Check the compressor running amperage

* Check the outdoor unit fan motor

* Check the outdoor unit contactor

* Check the outdoor unit capacitor

* Check the outdoor unit electrical connections

* Check the outdoor unit schrader valves for refrigerant leakage

* Check the outdoor unit safety disconnect

* Check the outdoor unit low voltage connections

* Check if the outdoor unit is level

* Advise of any needed repairs with a written estimate